University Bus Sets New Record

The big squeeze

….or at least I’m sure it would have, if anyone had been on hand to do an official count. On my way to school the other day, the buses had been rerouted for some reason or other, and so there were more than the usual number of people waiting at the stops. Mostly, these were students but some other folks were trying to get to work. I was amazed when the driver, after having just picked up about fifteen students at the previous stop, pulled up at the curb at the next stop where about twenty students were waiting to board. This particular driver made good use of the loudspeaker to coax the morning crowd into moving back. He even had people grinning and chuckling at the jokes he cracked about “tightening up your but muscles” to make room for yet more people. Unlike the majority of drivers on the morning university run, this fellow was chipper and friendly, and he managed to pack the bus so full that we probably could have tipped the vehicle over just by collectively scratching our left ear. When the bus was so packed that we couldn’t possibly squeeze another soul on, the driver started to sing over the loudspeaker. This somehow had a mollifying effect on his captive audience, and made me wonder if perhaps this driver wasn’t training for another career in the broadcasting industry.


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